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Save time and money, increase safety, and significantly extend the life of your tires…

(Purchasing, installation, maintenance, and storage -- all at Northland Ford)

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Manitoba's Weather is Unpredictable. But Your Tires Don't Have to be!

Manitoba & Saskatchewan's weather is ever-changing - and your tires should change with it!
The lifespan of winter tires can reduce as much as 60% if used in Summer as opposed to when used in winter only.
Not only that but winter tires offer lower grip and higher rolling resistance leading to safety hazards and poor fuel economy.
So we make it super-easy for you to choose and buy the right tire for spring tire changeover.

Why Choose Northland Ford for Tire Changeover

Expert Recommandation

Simply tell us about your vehicle, preferences, and budget, and we will give you recommendations about the best tire for your needs.

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Local Vehicle Pick-Up from Home

Say goodbye to the hassle of dragging your vehicle to the tire shop. With us, you can request a local vehicle pick-up from your doorstep, get your tire changeover done, and have your ride sent back to you without breaking a sweat.

All-in-One Services

From tire purchase to installation, maintenance, and storage, we have got you covered!

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Wondering When's the Right Time to Switch Your Tires?

With Northern Manitoba/Saskatchewan's fluctuating weather, you still have a couple of ways to determine when it's time to change your tires:

1.      Studded tires need to be off by April 30th.

2.     The average daily weather is above 7C for a few consecutive days.

It's important that you request a Spring tire changeover as soon as either of the above conditions are met.

Because if you keep using winter tires during warm weather, there is a risk of safety as well as tire life degradation.

Get the Perfect Recommendation for Your Tire Changeover

Answer a few simple questions, and we'll give you an expert recommendation for the tires that fit your needs and budget.

No more guesswork or tire shopping hassles. Let us do the work and get you the perfect tires in seconds.

Get Tire Recommendations Now

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