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Get Your Vehicle Winter-Ready

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Get Tire Financing + A Chance To Win A Lucky Draw + And 2 Incredible Perks You Don't Want To Miss…

Preparing for a long, tough winter is one extra thing we Northern Manitobans go through each year… Luckily, we're all just as tough as the weather and our vehicles.

A foot or two of snow doesn't hold us back from hours of highway driving...

But, using the same summer tires year-round is a big NO.

Simply put, summer tires are just not designed for winter.
When the temperature drops, they reduce in traction and grip on those slippery icy roads.
Not only are they not as effective in keeping you safe, but they can also wear out quickly forcing you to buy new ones more often than you should.
And you know what happens next…

Winter tires are ready to tackle the element.
They have a dedicated tread pattern that provides:
❄Grip and traction on the slippery icy roads
❄Reduces brake distance
❄Improves your car performance
❄Enhances your safety

At Northland Ford, we want to make your winter as comfortable and safe as possible…

Which is why we've partnered with Manitoba Public Insurance and are offering you the Winter Tire Program which allows you an opportunity to have low-interest financing up to $2000 per vehicle.

You can use this financing for the purchase of qualifying winter tires and associated costs.

And when you buy tires under the winter tire program you receive more FordPass Rewards!

We're always finding ways to give back to our customers who support us…

That's why when you purchase new winter tires this month you'll enter a lucky draw and get a chance to win a weekly prize valued at $100.

We Go the Extra Mile Just Like Your Vehicle…

When you get your tires changed, you'll also get:

-  Free brake inspection 
-  A wheel alignment at 15% off regular price 
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